The Vegas 8 Ball League

Celebrating our 25th year, we invite you to form a team and become part of Australia’s longest running and most successful 8 Ball League. This year, in excess of $50,000* in prize money and trips are on offer to the successful teams and individuals.

The Vegas 8 Ball games are now playing regularly within your zone hotels or at other competition venues

If you have played in the League before, why not consider forming and being the captain of your own team?

A Lucky Door prize for the whole team to go to Las Vegas is on offer..

Welcome to the 2018 season. We hope to see your team among this year’s winners and going to Las Vegas.

Female Players

fem players

Pub Pool Promotions would like to encourage all teams to include female players but at present, we have found several venues are unable to recruit them.

Your team will benefit if you play a Grade 9 female (5 bonus points) or Grade 10 female (10 bonus points) towards your teams total score on League nights. If you play two Grade 9-10 females in any combination, your team will receive a maximum 15 bonus points that is added to your teams total score on League nights.

If the female player is Graded 8 or higher you receive NO bonus points. To address this issue, the League will once again call on interested players to help form a general committee.

The success of the handicap system has proven that if the players are handicapped correctly every team has an equal oportunity to win.

TheVegas League Handicap System was introduced to a resounding success in the 2002 Summer Cup. This brought the overall team scores much closer together creating a more even playing field for all players & teams.

The advantage of the handicap system is that it brings out the best in both the novice player and the expert should they compete in a match. With this system, it is feasible for a beginner to have a nearly equal chance in a match against a more highly skilled player.

The system is similar to other games like golf and bowling where the handicap is mathematically worked out to aid the newer player by dictating mathematically that he/she needs to win fewer games or points than his opponent to to give them a chance to win the match.